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Buying Fine Wine

Bordeaux wines are the most famous and sought after. The French government restricts the amount of wine each producer is allowed to yield which immediately creates a supply and demand dynamic. The government restrictions on wine production were introduced by Napoleon III and remains virtually unchanged today.

In 1855 Napoleon III requested France's wine brokers to come up with a system that would allow foreign visitors to be able to easily identify the Country's best wines. This is when the Official Bordeaux Classification was born. Wines were ranked based on their importance, from First Growth to Fifth Growth. Wines that are First Growth are naturally more in demand as they are viewed as the best.

Selling Fine Wine

If you would like to liquidate your Fine Wine Portfolio you're in the right place. To date, we have helped private wine owners sell over 200,00 bottles of Fine Wine.


You can email your Fine Wine portfolio to us directly using We require your full name, contact telephone number and a list of the wines you wish to sell. 

About Viticult

Take a moment to learn more about Viticult and the business we conduct. We are proud Hospitality Sponsors of AFC Wimbledon Football Club who compete in Sky Bet's League One. 

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Scotch Whisky Cask Ownership

The journey begins with the purchase of a cask from a renowned Scottish Distillery. A “new fill” cask contains the liquor which will eventually mature into a Scotch Whisky. At this stage the contents of a cask is as clear as water and extremely high in alcohol content. 

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Because it has not matured yet it is not classed as a Scotch Whisky which makes this the lowest price point of a cask. 


5 years later the cask has matured into a consumable whisky, which is worth more than the non-consumable liquor it began life as. It can now be sold to a distillery for bottling.